Ch Ch Ch Changes…

Sid gets a little weird when I am pregnant…he is a little weird anyway but it gets more intense when I am two heartbeats instead of one. When I was pregnant with Cole it seemed so interesting and even more so when Cole was born! Sid was in love, he knew he was coming and he was ready…296418050_1007028980_0
I feel like he was so very protective and aware of what was happening. Sid took a back seat to the kiddo, as we knew would happen. But he is by no means just our dog…he is the best dog ever! He is adorable and I don’t think we could ever have a different dog (actually, we tried to get another dog…it didn’t work for us). He was the best puppy ever, he barks too much, he loves tearing up paper, he sleeps through the night, he can be left home for hours and hours on end!
But I am pregnant again, and I think Sid might be a little sad. I think his amazing friendship with Cole will not pass on to Henry. That is ok, but it does make me a little sad. Sid is still very protective! He is more aware of every little sound, he follows me EVERYWHERE! But I think he looks a little sad, I hope he realizes we love him so…infact I love him so much I got him the great little halloween getup…1014090914(gosh i can’t get my pictures to come up right!)
Mind you, he hates this:) But, I still love him enough to make him dress up and go trick or treating with us!

Sid-we love you! We might be a growing family, but there is always room for you on the couch!


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