Lets hear it for the boys…

That title has nothing to do with this post, it just is a great song:)

I have some catch up to do here…lets start at the present and work our way back!

Today it was beautiful here!  Fall is in full swing and I am loving it!  Seattle is amazing in the Fall, the weather is by far my most favorite this time of year…it is still sunny but it is cold and all the trees are changing..ohhh I love it!
We started with a picnic…it was great! We went to a park in Fall City that was so busy…but we found a field nobody was on. Cole could run around and Eric and I sat in the sun. It was so nice, the baby found some sticks and ran around like a crazy person!
We went to this place in Carnation to get our pumpkin last year and decided then that we wanted to make it a tradition!  The farm, Two Brothers Farm, is great!  The drive out there is amazing and usually you get to cut your pumpkin off the vine!  We cut our pumpkin but a lot of the pumpkins had broke off their vines, seems like it was quite dry this year.

It was amazing thinking back to last year!  Cole was so little…
he was only about three months old!  And now he is walking around picking up gords and throwing them, following his dad around and being SO BIG…
This is what happens when his hair goes flat..poor kid
It was great day, I am thankful for our little tradition and the memories it brings…I can’t wait to bring Henry next year!!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get to spend a wee bit of time with Sarah and Ian, they so don’t visit us enough!  We loved spending that little bit of time and Cole was so excited to walk through the market!…

But he was pooped when we were walking back to the car…

It was so good seeing you both, come again soon!


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