Mr. Cole is soon to be a 15-month-old!  Holy Hanna!  That means he is halfway to crazy is that:)  I am excited, although if it weren’t for Henry I am not sure I would be so ok with Cole growing up, the changes we see in him are so so fun!  He is still such a boy!  If it is dirty, high, dangerous, colorful, and messy…he is there!  He seems to like to spend his time playing with trucks and making car sounds, I tried my hardest to get him to carry around a doll but it didn’t work:(  He sleeps like a rock, and when we put him down he cuddles and kisses his little whale and Walter.  He walks everywhere, even if it is only a few steps, and I have been trying to not make him ride in the stroller ALL the time.  He has been baking a ton with his dad, and just got some new puddle jumping boots (looks like we can break those in next week).  We have decided not to cut his hair…and for that I now wake up and think “oh my gosh, my kid looks crazy!” but I love it!  He won’t keep a hat on for the life of him, and I fear that with winter coming the old ladies are going to look at my like I am crazy for having a kid out in the cold without a hat.

Things are good, things are stressful, but things are good:)  I started a blanket for Henry, Cole got my baby blanket so we need to make one for Henry(not gonna lie, I would have made him one anyway), and I just made him some little old man loafers for when he is born.  My belly is getting huge, but that is ok:)  I felt him move for the first time yesterday morning!!!  And once or twice today!  I am hoping when we lay down to go to bed tonight he will move a bit so that Eric can feel him!  We get another ultrasound on the 28th…hopefully he and I won’t be getting too big…that is our biggest hurdle if we want to have a natural birth!  Wish us luck!!


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