I realized that I didn’t even mention that the ultrasounds actual purpose, to see how the baby is developing and check for signs of downs, was achieved!  The little munchkin is developing perfect!  His little heart looks great, he has all of his little arms and legs, his spine looks wonderful and there is no sign of downs:)  I knew that was the case, of course I am carrying another healthy baby(fingers crossed!)!

I am so much more excited than I realized that we are growing a family of boys.  I knew that I wanted this boy to be one, but I don’t think that I realized how much I really really wanted a boy.  A few days ago I had my first  “maybe a girl would be fun” thought, but that quickly made me realize that the ONLY reason that I wanted a girl was because of the clothes…hahahhaha and I mean really, the clothes are only fun when they are young and then you have to DEAL with the clothes when they get bigger:)  I am excited for Cole, I am excited for his brother too, that they will have eachother to get dirty with, and fall down with, and play sports with, and do messy art projects with…BOYS! they are so rad!

The reactions from friends and family are funny (in case you have not noticed, my friends and family are single handedly trying to repopulate the male world).  Sad that I am not going to bring some pink into our seriously blue world, stoked on BROTHERS! already starting sibling rivalry (thank you very much Miss Angela!) and just being excited.  But really, Eric asked this morning…will we love Cole less…and really I have no idea how this works.  How do you grow more love, how can I EVER think someone is as adorable as my Cole, I mean come on…he is so cute!  So now, I am just going to focus on growing a healthy baby, and when he gets here…I hope it all just flows, that the love just happens, that they both get what they need, that they both feel love and that I am not overwhelmed by the amazing cuteness that will soon double in our home:)

I mean look at this kid…so cute, it hurts!



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