Cole is taking a nap.  I just got dressed and did yet another load of laundry.  I am trying to keep myself somewhat busy…I am waiting!  I hate waiting, really I hate anything that isn’t RIGHT NOW!  Just ask my husband, poor guy.  He tells me he has a surprise and I about flip!  I hate it, I don’t want a surprise…just give me something or don’t tell me anything about it!  I just don’t like the anticipation, the anxiousness, the WAITING.  And right now that is exactly what I am doing…waiting.

I am waiting to get Cole dressed, and feed him something, and then leave.  Today we have an appointment at our old stomping grounds…perinatal in Seattle.  Today we find out if this little one in my belly really is a boy, or if by some chance is a girl.  Today we find out if the little munchkins bones are growing like a “normal chromosome” child or if it really does look like this little munchkin might have downs.  The blood tests say there is quite a chance, so today we see if they are accurate.  But really, I am not worried.  NO REALLY!  I’m not.  I am way more anxious about gender and getting the freakin rad photos of him/her. (perinatal has great machines that make wonderful pictures)

I hate waiting…

But I love these pictures Keith took…3949886180_50b9f9a885_b3949106429_95c4a1ffa0_b


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