Cole’s godmother requested some video of the little man walking. I obliged:) He is just so darn cute. It is tough getting video, mostly because I stink at it, and because he is moving and very unpredictable.

Things are quiet around here! It is nice, gives me time to do laundry and clean the kitchen. I have some knitting I need to get to but I am waiting till Monday to really get started on some of the items on my list…have I told everyone that I am now 16 weeks pregnant? Well, Monday we find out gender and then I can get knitting knowing a bit better what colors to use:) I am about 90% sure it is a boy, but ya never know!

Tomorrow Cole and I will venture to the city, doctor apts and spending time in the sun! This late summer/autumn sun is wonderful and we want to take advantage of it! Enjoy:)


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  1. new babies…nothing more magical. just between you and me katy, I showed Ian a birth video the other day, he kept getting up to walk around, and I thought he was not into it…someone told me they were crying, not bored!

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