We are lucky enough to have our good friend Keith in town for a few days. He is going to BC with his family on Saturday and flew in on Tuesday to hang with us!! We haven’t done much, infact, today we stayed in our PJs till like noon:) But it is ok because he is on vacation!!

Yesterday he and I took the kiddo to Greenlake to walk around and enjoy the day. We did both and it was wonderful! The best part about having Keith around, well one of the best parts, is that he takes a TON of pictures!!!

My little kiddo decided that he would find the one big puddle, and fall in it! I let him get himself all muddy and wet and am glad that I did! He had so much fun. He collected sticks and rocks and splashed. It was fun to let him be a boy! And even more fun that I was prepared with a change of clothes so we didn’t have to walk back to the car:)

Cole freaked out when he saw this lady walking by! His face is why (if you click on the image you can see her facial expression) her face is like that! He was so excited! She was so nice, she totally let us come say hi, and the pups were great! It was so funny to see this little kiddo with all these big dogs:)

Tomorrow we are sharing the city with Keith! I am going to take him to Paseos! YUMMY:)


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  1. Great photos!!!! I love the fact that you're letting Cole's hair grow out. How fun to have all those curls. I think I may just have to steal one of these…

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