Our labor day weekend was spent being lazy, eating, watching Friends, playing with Cole and seeing family! On Sunday we ventured to Aunt Kim and Uncle Bricks house for some cooking fun! Kim was nice enough to teach me how to CAN!!! I have been wanting to do this and she was the willing one:) Thanks KIM. We went up there at about noon and ended up making peaches, raspberry jam, apricot jam, blueberry jam, and apricot raspberry jam! We also got to partake in a delicious meal of fresh salmon, homegrown tomatoes and carrots and beets! I love their garden. We had a great time!

Nana, was peeling peaches. Cole was very interested…so she gave him one! After he played with it she peeled it for him and he ate the whole thing…it was messy but he was a happy camper:)

Today we have no plans!!! I have to grocery shop and Eric just put in a load of laundry but we are going to try and be lazy yet again…wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “

  1. Mom better bring me some of the goods next week when she comes to visit. Yum!

    Such a great picture of Cole, too!

    Love You!

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