For so many years, this is how people saw movies. It is such a nostalgic thing, isn’t it!?! Eric used to go with his family when he was little. I have never been, I have always wanted to go but just never did it! That all changed on Sunday night!!!! I have now been to a drive in theater!! And it is a great idea:) A week ago we tried to go to the movies, we had to leave about an hour in because I wasn’t feeling so good. And with the kid and all, our trips to the movies are few and far between:( The local drive in does double features, you can’t mix and match, but they do a pretty good job of putting them together. We wanted to finish the movie we started, District 9, so we packed up the kid in the car and off we went. I know, I know, it isn’t a movie for kids! But Cole was asleep by the time it started and we kept the sound down. It was great! It is only 7.50 per adult for a double feature! So we didn’t even feel all that bad when the first movie was over and we were too tired to stay for the second one! It was totally fun and I would do it again!!!


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  1. I had some fun times at the Valley Drive In in my pre-kid years! Kinda forgot about it. I think I will take Ryan before the summer is over. Seth and I saw GI Joe this weekend. $19.25. Holly Hanna movies got expensive. And, it was not even very good.

    See you tomorrow!

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