Have I told you how insane my kid is? Well, he is! He still isn’t a walker, he walks, he can walk, and sometimes he chooses to, but for now he is much better at crawling so he is focusing his energy on building those skills which will very soon be never really used again. I don’t mind, kinda, I guess I wouldn’t mind if he was just a normal crawler, but he isn’t…he is a crazy crawler! He crawls UP! He gets ontop of EVERYTHING! I can’t leave him alone for one second. Yesterday I found him on top of a big rubermade box, I keep it infront of the fireplace so that he stays out of it, he was ontop taking the pictures off the wall! I found him the other day on the window sill, and on the coffee table, and he gets on dining room chairs. I wasn’t ready for this:) I thought this would come ALONG with walking, but nope, it seems to be replacing it.

I also have this very strange obsession with him, hahahaha, ya I think he is the most amazingly adorable thing that ever lived! Seriously, I think I am going to have to rely on someone else to tell me my kid is out of control some day, because for now…just about EVERYTHING he does is so rad! I can feel it, I am going to have to start to look for fault! Example, yesterday when he climbed on that box he got in trouble, the second time he did it he was removed and told NOT TO DO THAT! he cried, and tried to get me to pick him up, I told him he was not allowed to climb up there, then he cried and crawled to Sid, got into his bed with him snuggled into Sid’s belly and cried. (for like a second) It was pretty much so CUTE! Hahahaha, I am hopeless:)
This is Cole at his birthday party. I think this is just before he broke into those rice krispy treats, he was hungry:) I made him that little Birthday crown, it has elastic in the back so that he can wear it year after year, and when he is thirteen and hates me for making him, I will put it away and hopefully it will become fun again someday:)

He is one I found on Nana’s computer, aren’t they adorable!! We miss you Micayla!!

This weekend we are sitting for the munchkins, and Papa’s brother Paul is in town. It is supposed to be a cool weekend and next week it should be hot again…I think we will try and do a trip around greenlake, and I have about 30 fresh figs that I need to make into something…any ideas:)


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