Eric here. Well, camping didn’t happen. Katy and Cole fell ill and John Boy has a fever. The lack of rain is drying up the fields and. . . wait, wrong life. Katy and Cole really are sick though so we had to cancel camping, but, as anyone knows, being sick and barfy is waaay better than camping. So I guess it’s the campers that lose. Now just preparing for the arrival of Mommy and company. *thumbs up; totally unforced fake smile* I’m kidding? It will be good though. Me Ma has only seen Cole once and for only a wee bit o’ time and he is her cutest grandkid after all. I mean sure, my sister’s kids are all exotic with their half-hawaiian, half-asian blood but try putting that against Cole’s totally exotic frickin‘ awesomeness and they’ll go down like that CG polar bear that was killed by a CG walrus on the Discovery Channel. I know, right? Walrus’ don’t fight like that at all. Ridiculous.


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