We have been spending quit a bit of time outside! And as much time as possible in the water! Cole is a big fan! And so is Sid, so this works out wonderfully for me:)

Nana found a great park in Bellevue that has water features for the kids to play in/on. Cole is still a bit small but he has fun anyways, and the munchkins surely have a wonderful time.
Nana getting attacked by Cole and the little munchkin

Nana gave Cole a oreo…it was messy. Cole in turn..

Gave Sid an oreo. Feeding the dog seems to be one of his favorite things to do:)
A little baby bum to brighten your day!! He is such a little monkey, always getting into stuff.

Someday, he will get to ride this with Papa, I am sure that day will be amazing! I am glad he loves the bike so much!


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