A few weeks back we gave Cole his first cell phone, my how kids grow so fast. Haha. We are talking all the time about toy makers, about how they make these crazy toys that flash and make noise and turn around, yet all our kiddo wants to play with are keys and cell phones and remotes. Eric had an old phone, we took the battery out and gave it to Cole and he plays with it. It is great!

This morning I caught him “talking” on his phone, holding it up to his ear and chatting, and laughing! I missed the opportunity but caught this one on video…

I am pretty excited for tomorrow!! We are not doing anything really, well we are having dinner at Nana and Papa’s house but no presents or anything. We are having a little BBQ to celebrate on the 2nd, so little Cole will have to wait, but I am still excited for tomorrow!

Oh, he was measured yesterday…just over 30inches long and just under 25lbs! Good job Cole!


One thought on “

  1. hmmm…no presents. I bet money there will be a present somewhere in Cole's day tomorrow.
    Happy Birthday Cole!!!

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