My dream, as Cole has been growing, is for him to wait to walk till he turns one. He is almost one, Wednesday!, and he still isn’t “walking”. He is “walking” from couch to wall to bookcase to box to knee to door and so on, but he isn’t walking without one hand on something. And I am so thankful!! I feel like a baby is only a baby until he/she starts walking! Everything changed today…

Yup, our little kiddo took some steps!! He is still not “walking” but he is taking steps, which is a huge step ( hahaha no pun intended)! We are not doing anything for Cole’s birthday on Wednesday. We decided not to do anything at all, why celebrate for something he will never remember. And then we changed our mind, our family will be here and they will want to celebrate, so we are doing a little shindig on the 2nd of August..and then on the 4th Cole will have his one year dr apt.

Our summer has been busy, and it just keeps getting busier! We have a camping trip planned the weekend after next, then Eric’s family comes for a week, then we go camping again in August, hopefully one more trip in the tent in Sept and then a vacation to CA in October! Holy Hanna! Along with that we have TWO really good friends having babies in the next two months!! Yay for Summer!!!


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  1. Yay! They are so fun when they walk. THey are so fun always, but walking makes them so stinking happy, it is fun to see.

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