These are random, more so than usual:)

Things are the same in these here parts! We are just trying to enjoy these times we have with our baby before he grows up and becomes a walker! Please wait Cole, only a little less than a month and then you can walk all you want:)
We met Eric for coffee a few days ago. We all really like it when we can see each other mid day! It is funny, it always takes Cole just a few minutes to realize that is his dad in that uniform:)

For fathers day I made these parfaits with the left over gingerbread from the ice cream sammies! They were so good, both Eric and I left about 1/3 in the glass, but they were yummy!

This is on fathers day. We had Nana’s car and brought it back that day, Eric was getting gas and then meeting us there to take us home..he went the wrong way and it took him over an hour longer than us to get there! Poor Eric:( So Cole and I sent him some pictures to remind him we love him!!

Side note: THAT pacifier…it is just a chew toy:) We tried to get him to take one when he was little, he refused! I must have bought five different kinds, he didn’t like them. Now they are in the toy bin and he grabs them and chews on them. Crazy kid!

This video is of Cole sharing with his Dad, he is so funny! I love when he smacks his lips like it tastes good:) silly boy


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