So, I would like to say that my picture taking increased greatly this weekend…but in truth..Eric had the camera! We did get a lot of pictures, but is was because of him, no me! Oh well, at least we have pictures:)

There are a ton of pictures here, and they are all from Saturday! We had a really great weekend, it was busy and it was beautiful! We have had the nicest weather ever here, and have been outside quite a bit.

Also, we took a video of the alpaca shearing, I didn’t put it up because I don’t know if people are really interested…if you want to see it let me know, and I will post it! It is fascinating!!

This is Cole, right after he woke up! He is tired and uninterested in being awake or around people.

This is what happened when Cole decided he wasn’t ready to wake up. He slept through almost the whole shearing. Eric held him for about and hour and a half, dead weight. Hahaha, I do that all the time:) I was busy “scribing”, and getting alpaca hair all over myself. It was fascinating to watch the whole process, and to learn about the fiber and what will be done with it!

Here is Cole and Ryan, adorable!!

This is a before and after of what they look like! They have been doing this for years and no longer mind if the alpaca don’t look beautiful and ready for a hot date, just shear them and get it over with! Hahhaaha, I think they are so silly looking with no hair!

After our crazy morning on the “farm” we headed to the city! We went to Greenlake and lounged in the grass while Cole and Sid ate sticks. It was so nice!! Then we headed to Nana and Papa’s for a BBQ!
Cole decided that the bike was the coolest thing ever, he couldn’t get enough!

Then Papa sat with him and turned it on!! Can you tell how stoked he is!

He is so cute

Baby toes on chrome! Papa didn’t even complain, even though he had just polished..sorry Papa

Then we had beers and turned on the BBQ, sat in the garage and enjoyed a wonderful day!

Cole got a bath and stayed up way past his bed time, but he liked it!

Sunday we went to church with Aunt Juanita, had lunch, came home and Eric made the bomb-digity gingerbread ice cream sammies! (they deserve their own post) and we watched a movie and were lazy! Another wonderful summer weekend!!


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