I have gone through a no picture phase. I think it started just before Kristin came to visit and it has been slim pickins now for too long! I am trying to do better, I really am, but I am just sucking! I do have some pictures that I want to take this weekend! Lets see if I can improve!

Update on the Yates front…nothing new:) We have been having fun, doing a lot of nothing! Saturday we went early in the morning to the Kirkland wetlands. It was wonderful! There were quite a few little birdies about, and we saw turtles, and TWO bald eagles. And if that wasn’t enough we saw these adorable little duckies with their mama (it was the second set of baby duckies we saw!!)
We spent the rest of our weekend at bookstores and being LAZY!

We did a terrible thing…we borrowed a bark collar for Sid! I know, we are horrible! But, he is such a good dog! He totally doesn’t seem to be relating it to barking but instead to misbehaving, and has now become the best dog to have ever lived!!! He walks without a leash, he doesn’t get into stuff around the house, he doesn’t bark…He is such a good dog usually but this is incredible!

On Thursday, Nana and I took Cole and the Munchkins to the Pacific Science Center. It was a beautiful day and we had tons of fun! Cole greatly enjoyed the butterfly house, and watching all the kids run around. He also really really liked the percussion room in the little tots area (basically a bunch of stuff to make sounds with! for little kids). We had so much fun. When we got back to the Munchkins house we had sugar free Popsicles! Cole ate almost the whole thing, only dropping a little of it at the end! I was impressed.

OK, so some background on this video. As some of you know, Cole is quite the heavy breather. He grunts and snorts and makes a lot of sound ALL the time! He has been doing the quick breathing through his nose thing when he is excited lately, and I was making fun of him while scrunching my nose (the sound he makes needs a facial expression!) and now he scrunches his little face while he makes the sound! I LOVE IT!!!

This weekend we are laying low tonight, going to the alpaca shearing tomorrow morning, having a BBQ at night, and doing something fun on Sunday!! I love summer!!!


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