OK, so I came across THIS GUY’S post about his kid, and it is amazing. Cole is just a little behind his daughter but I can see the transformation happening already! I laughed and kinda wanted to cry, but it is great! Just last week I said to Cole, as I was holding him, that he was an impostor, I asked him what he did with MY baby boy because surely this little man is no longer the baby boy he was a few weeks ago. Eric, has also noticed and we find ourselves saying the same thing that EVERY parent ever has said…”the time passes so fast”. I knew it would, I know it still will, and so I seriously take every second I can to hold him, or let him sleep on my chest, I am thankful for his inability to do things on his own, and smile when he learns something, because it is true, it all goes so fast. He turns ELEVEN months old on Monday! That leads us to the last month ever that Cole will have a first day…after he turns ONE there will, for the rest of his life, never be a day of the year that he hasn’t already had. How crazy is that!

Eric has informed me that the whole idea of never having a “new” day is just some human counting convention idea put into our head that isn’t real. And besides he still has leap year. Sorry Eric, you are right!


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