Last weekend was a total bummer! I got the flu late Friday night and was sick till Tuesday! Eric got it on Sunday and was sick till Tuesday! Cole seemed to be in and out of a fever from Saturday night till Monday!! GROSS! It was no fun!

But, we did make the most of the sun anywho. Last Friday Cole and I went to the aquarium with Nana and Skylar. It was so much fun! Cole loved all the fishies! He seriously was way more into it than I ever thought he would be. Then Eric and Cole and I went and had dinner with our old boss, it was great. We did walk around Greenlake after I was properly medicated and enjoyed all the fresh air!

This week we were lazy, trying to recoup from not feeling well, and just feeling Blah. On Thursday, Cole and I went and met Nana and the boys and we went to Alki to enjoy the heat! I am not such a fan of the heat but in small doses I do enjoy it.
Cole tried some seaweed

oh and some sand! He also tried to eat EVERY rock on the beach! I found small ones in his mouth, and fist size ones too! This kid loves to eat rocks!

Nana tried to teach the boys how to make “drippy” castles

Look how big he is getting!!

Then Nana burried Ethan, Cole thought this was hilarious!

It was a good day, I got a bit too much sun on my back, but it was well worth it!

We have no major plans this weekend, we wanted to camp tomorrow night but it turns out it is super lame expensive to camp locally!! I will have to research ealier for the weekend after next(20th?). We are going to westport for pirate days the end of the month and will camp out there by the beach for two days(26th-28th)…but I want more!! We are going to go the the wetlands this weekend for sure!! All the animals are out and about and we want to see them!

Hope all is well:)


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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. We all must have contacted some sickness while on the camping trip, and it wasn't brown bottle flu. Great pictures of the babe, he is so darned cute, or should I say handsome.

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