Our weekend was amazing! The weather was wonderful and the camping trip went perfect, well almost! We ended up leaving at 5:20 on Saturday morning, hit no traffic and arrived about 8:30. The campground is located right near the Columbia river, and is beautiful! It was a great drive after we got off the freeway and I think our little family will have to explore the area more in the future.

Our site was for campers, so it was gravel. We decided to set up our little “home” in the back of Tom’s pickup and let the baby sleep in the camper with Nana and Papa. It was just too rocky to sleep in the tent. This worked out wonderfully, and Cole decided that he could sleep till like NINE AM! I am so thankful he likes his pack and play:)

We got dirty, fished, cooked, boccie balled, horse shoed, and had a blast! Cole ate rocks, pine cones, grass, and who knows what else-I am pretty sure it was fantastic! I am excited to get out again and do some tent camping!

The pictures are random, I have not gone through all of them yet, but I thought these ones were cute. As you will notice, Cole spent a lot of time in the sling and moby. It was really rocky, but don’t worry, he spent equally as much time in the dirt and going from lap to lap:)

Nana and Cole

Papa and Cole

Mama and Cole (Keith got us this sweet sling in Guatemala-we love it!)

Eric and I

I thought I would show off my sweet camping outfit!

Dad and Cole, adorable!

Eric took the opportunity, why not, to show off his sweet knives….ya, I am not a fan:)

Cole and his set-up

Thankfully, the campground had a community grass area, we spent a lot of time there. Cole loves Sid so much!!

Pine cone

My boys.

Hope you had a really great weekend too!!


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