We have had a kinda crazy week for really doing nothing! I think with Kristin gone I have realized how much I don’t socialize and I miss it! In trying to fix that a bit, we made some plans!

Monday, Eric had the day off, and we visited the old office. It was so nice to see everyone, only it just made me miss working there MORE! I am so thankful for those people and that company! We love you Ladro!

Tuesday, boring, we did grocery shopping and movie watching:) But, we got all the random running around done so that I could have the day free on Wednesday! So, with a free day, Cole and I went to Aunt Juanita’s (my new family) for coffee, which turned into lunch! It was great! Cole was pooped when we got home, just how I like it:)

Thursday we had plans to see Ian (Cole’s godfather) and that turned into dinner at the Rigmaiden’s (no idea how you spell that, sorry guys)! It was so fun, the dogs all played and Cole got to crawl all over! He turned into a big mess! He had corn on the cob and watermelon for the first time…note to self, extra clothing needed for messy food…then he had the wonderful induction to the rock band club. Kim is so sweet and got a ice cream cake and we sang happy birthday a day early!

I was so very glad to have spent the extra time with Ian, and as we were leaving Ian leaned in to give Cole a little smooch/hug and Cole lunged for him! Right out of Eric’s arms! I am so so thankful that Cole loves his family!! We miss you already godfather Ian, come again soon (and bring your wife!)!!
I know it is out of focus but look at how cute my husband is:) hehehe
P.S. Trader Joes now carries ice cream cakes…go get one! Right now!
Hi cutie pie with the new teeth:) How cute and MESSY is he!
Yes, the pointing is very very exciting! look at that corn
Hello! Adorable! Sid was up there too, but I missed it:( Oh well. Bye winston!

We leave today for camping, actually we still aren’t sure if we are leaving today or in the morning…I want to go today but we think traffic will be better in the morning…we will have to make a decision sooner or later:) Hope you all enjoy the three day weekend! And, if you are lucky enough to be here…enjoy that beautiful sunshine!!!


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  1. That was so sweet of Kim to get you a cake. I love it. I’m so sorry I was not there in physical form but know that I was there in spirit. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

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