So, as I expected, we have no pictures of Kristin! What was I thinking?! I also have no pictures of my little birthday shindig…oh well. But I do have these jems!

We picked up Kristin from the airport and headed right to the munchkins house! We had been telling those kiddo’s that we would take them to the pony’s when it was nice on a Friday, and it was beautiful! So Kristin got dragged to the Pony’s!! Ethan was the only one willing to ride a pony, Cole sat on the pony but he didn’t like it. There was a bounce house there, and the boys LOVED it! I would totally take them again.

A walk around the lake! Yep, we walked the lake again! I think this summer we will do this a lot. We took Kristin before her plane left and I am so glad we did. The weather was wonderful, and all the lake animals are so fun! Sid was pooped:) I made Eric throw him in the water, he swims but he doesn’t seem to like it much:(

Bath time is fun time! Cole loves the bath, and I thought with all those smiles maybe I could catch a few teeth pictures…this is what we got…

It was a really nice weekend, and Eric had today off!! This week we have some dinner ‘dates’ and then we leave friday night for camping!!!! Yay! I can’t wait!


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  1. Okay, Cole and Sid in the stroller is pretty cute. Little chunkers in the purple tee. Look at that Buddha belly! 🙂

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