Ok, so I seemed to have had the best weekend ever right along with my worst experience EVER all in one go..who would have thought!

Our weekend was great! I am so thankful for my Eric and our beautiful baby Cole. We had so much fun and spent ample time outside, I got to go out with Mom just the two of us, Eric and Tom made us the yummiest dinner ever! We went out for pizza and beer, it was just a good weekend!

Then..du du duuuuuu! We got a flat last night on our drive home! We knew it was coming, earlier on Sunday we noticed a screw in the rear left tire and figured it wasn’t going to last long, we made plans for me to take the car in the next morning and get a new tire:( But as luck would have it, about 10 minutes into our 45mile drive home (at 9:30pm) we both at the same time heard the air leaving our tire! We both had a really wonderful attitude, we didn’t have the right tools for our gangster tires so we called Tom and he and mom came to our rescue, a very nice cop stopped to check on us and the tire finally got put in the trunk at just after 10. We decided to just turn around and stay on the floor at mom and toms because of the wear on the spare tire. I had one extra diaper and no extra clothes for Cole, and we had just enough formula for ONE bottle. It was ok, the tire place opens at 7am and we will just go and get home!

Cole peed through in the night, neither Eric or I slept, I had no clothes for Cole and it is 53deg outside…I dig through the bag and end up with some baby legs (his thighs are too big:) ) and a sweatshirt, we put on his last diaper and are off! First stop, I decide they are too expensive and we head for Costco. We wait in the car for 1/2 hour till they open and then get a quote for only like 4bucks less than the last place-oh well. Cole and I head for the baby clothes to get him warmer. When I take him out of the Moby to change his clothes I realize he has peed through, not only is he wet but I am soaked and now I have to sit with him on my lap for 1/2 hour till they finish the car…I am soaked and wreak when we get into the car at 11:00am! I am tired as all get out and quite hungry when we finally get home at 12:00pm! Holy hanna!

Boy am I glad we are home! I love my home, l love my sweats, shoot right now I love doing laundry! Our little place is so comforting:) Cole is the best ever, nothing even phased him, it was like a really cool sleepover at nana and papa’s to him. Gotta love it!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Seriously, why didn’t you come get clothes and diapers! You know I don’t even come close to pinking Áine out so I could have found some boy stuff. Crazy lady!!!

  2. OH my goodness, I didn’t even thing of that!!! I totally should have, it would have saved me a lot of unnecessary stress!! What was I thinking.

  3. Those are the experiences that you look back on and laugh. Although right now you probably don’t feel like laughing. Your lucky Cole is such a trooper.

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