I was informed today that I am not blogging enough…hahaha! I am not, I agree, but we also are so very uninteresting these days. But I do have some cute pictures, so I will share our unexciting life anywho!!

Most of our time is spent with these little munchkins! Well, most of mine and Cole’s time. We go hang out with them as much as we can. We love them! Now that Cole is more mobile and “plays” more it is way more fun!! He steals their toys and makes them cry, hahahaha, oh little boys.
We had a few sunny days recently and we took advantage of them! Cole played in the dirt! With those munchkins of course! He tried to eat all the rocks, so it pretty much was me standing there taking rocks out of his mouth the whole time, but it was fun none the less.
He has his first sit on the bike with Papa, as you can see he really like’s Papa! I can only imagine that there will be many many more rides on that bike.
We pretty much are in a routine of wake up, play!!!, nap, read, eat, play!!, cook, nap, cook, dad comes home, Play!!, eat, Play!!, bed. It works for us, I mix it up with walks, the library, trips to the munchkins, indoor parks, ya know. Last Sunday we piled our little family in the car and went to Uncle Brick and Aunt Kim’s to play in their yard! It was great, Cole got major grass stains and Sid had a hay day running around. It made both Eric and I a bit sad we moved so far south. Oh well.

I am glad tomorrow is Friday, we are keeping a very tight budget so this weekend will be quiet, but I have plans to leave the baby with Eric and Papa and go out with mom for mothers day!! We are going to get a cocktail and try on jeans, hahahha the little things. The boys are making us dinner!!

We also are taking Cole on his first camping trip this month! Memorial day weekend we will be joining Nana and Papa and Uncle Brick and Aunt Kim on a trip to Eastern WA. Tent and all, we will be scrubbin it for two days!! I am really excited! Eric and I said we wanted to camp as much as possible this summer, memorial weekend is a great place to start!! Maybe I will sew Cole a sleeping bag!! Or something.


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  1. does Cole stand up on his own? walk? He looks like he’s standing in a pic, and I guess he’s standing age.

  2. He is not walking yet, he stands quite a bit, it seems to be his favorite thing to do these days. He cruises around from item to item trying his hardest not to have to crawl. He has started the crawling thingie where he does it on his feet not his knees, do you know what I mean(kinda like downward dog)?! If I had my way he wouldn’t walk till 12 months…we will see!!??!!

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