I really don’t have much to blog about…same old same old. We did get to go meet my Aunt Juanita (my biological fathers sister) and her family! They made us a wonderful dinner, Cole chowed, and cheesecake (Eric was jealous, it was YUMMY!) and then took us on a tour of their property. They have an Alpaca farm! Eric was hooked! He is so stoked on alpaca’s now, he wants one-or five!

We have some busy times ahead…this weekend we have a date night on Friday and Sunday we are going to the tulips with Kelli, Seth, and Ryan. Next weekend we are meeting my biological father ( his name is Ed). The next weekend KRISTIN comes!!!!! And we are celebrating my bday:) Then it is memorial day weekend! Holy Hanna, that is a lot for our little family!

In loo of some exciting story I thought I would share some pictures that make me smile-A LOT! Most likely they are all on here somewhere, but I love them and who doesn’t like looking at pictures?!

So, background on this one…Eric took this a day after we got home with Cole. It was like the 30th picture he had taken and as you can see Cole is not so happy. I think the expression is priceless.

Who can resist a dad with his newborn son! Amazing, and look how in love Eric looks.
This is so boy! I love it!
A baby bottom?! OK
This is one of Eric’s best friends Justin. We went and visited him in October when we went to Tucson. He was so excited I was going to let him hold our baby. He wanted to know all about having a kid! It was rad, he was so interested, as if Cole was a new bug he had never seen before! Now he is having a baby in August-so rad!
HELLO handsome
I love this. So peaceful. I love the time I have had and the moments I still get of him sleeping on my chest!
So cute, the lighting is terrible, but so cute
I love this! I love that it was taken after we knew we were loosing babyDos and right before we actually did and look at how content I look! It is amazing. It was wonderful in Montana, I will never forget that trip.
I could go all day, I love pictures, but that is enough for now:)


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