OK, so a little background. As you may recall from the “early” Cole days, Sid loved his brother. In reality, Cole and Sid don’t really interact. They live nicely together, closely, but not really interacting. Sid likes to be close to Cole, he follows him allover, he sits by the crib when I am putting him to bed, or follows Cole as he explores the house. And Cole, likes to look at Sid, often smiling while Sid scratches or whatever Sid’s do. Cole crawls on Sid, and Sid licks his face, but they don’t “play” together. I am not sure what exactly I am expecting, but they aren’t like Lassie and Timmy (I know, I know, give it time!). Ok, so today, they played together! And this way too long clip is so silly. They did this for quite awhile, in fact as I write this they are still playing with that stuffed Bear/Sheep thing. Turn on your volume so you can hear Cole’s giggles:)


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  1. So cute! I love the baby laughs, too. And what kind of diaper is Cole wearing there? Is it a BumGenius? I’m in the beginning stages of launching my own cloth diaper business! 🙂

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