I just realized that I never told ya’ll how Cole did at his NINE month appointment! He did wonderful, hahaha, and it was great because Eric was there to comfort him after his shot. We aren’t doing all the vaccines but this go around he had one. Eric laughed, and Cole fake cried for half a second till he realized it was ok. I am not sure that laughing at a child who just got a shot is ok, but Cole seemed fine with it.

He weighs 21 1/2lbs(60%)! and is 29 inches(75%) long AND his head is in the 90% range! What a noggen(sp?)! Overall, he is perfect! It was nice having Eric there, I get sick of always having to ask all the questions:)

Today Cole and I played in the kitchen! We thought we would make Eric/dad a surprise for when he comes home from work. We made pretzels! I have never done this before, infact I stay away from kneading dough, Eric does that kind of stuff! but they came out yummy! Reminds me of high school! hahah, hope he likes them!


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  1. Grace hasn’t had her nine-month appointment yet. So far we’ve been getting most of the vaccines, just spaced apart (like in the Sears vaccine book).

  2. what vaccine did he get? Im curious. I’m not into the vaccinations. I think you’d like this cookbook, How to Cook Anything or Everything (can’t remember) by Mark Bittman. It’s FANTASTIC!

  3. Okay, cute video on the other post. But aside from that I wanted to say yay for people that actually research vaccines and make their own plan for them!!! It makes me happy to see that because I think a lot of people do what they are “told” to by the docs. Anyway, stepping down off my soapbox now.

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