Easter morning I was in bed. Eric took a lot of pictures for me so that I could see how Cole did on his first Easter!! He had breakfast and then tore up his basket like a champ. as you can see he got right in

And that Egg was pretty exciting…

No, like really exciting…

Oh my Goodness, you have no idea how cool this egg is!

He had fun and enjoyed his new goods:) I am glad he had Eric and the family to keep him company for the day!

This trip for Cole was great! He traveled as if it is his calling in life. I swear he didn’t cry more than 10 minutes total for the whole 10 1/2 hour drive there. He slept like a champ even with another adorable baby in the room, and he adjusted well to all the people and feed and weather. He got to spend a ton of time with family and trying new things…like hot wheels, and puzzles, and older kids, and snow, and lots of new food. Cole ate like a champ…spicy chili, potato leek soup, mac N chz, ham and potato’s, ya know, the usual things you feed a 9month old:)

I am bummed this picture didn’t come out, I took three and they were all blurry:( But I like it any who so oh well! This is Kurt and Nora and Cole. I hadn’t seen Nora since she was about a month old and now she is Skylar’s age…almost TWO! So fun:)

Thank you so much Kurt and Sandy for the amazing weekend, and thanks a ton Brick for driving:)


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