Montana was all it was supposed to be. Eric asked if we had to leave and Cole seemed to love it! It was beautiful and the weather did not disappoint, I am thankful for the beauty of such a place.

We took a walk the first day everyone arrived, it was chilly but still nice enough for just a sweatshirt. Cole slept in the Moby almost the whole time (maybe a mile and half in and mile and a half out?). The destination was a frozen lake, and it tried to leer Eric out onto its frozen core…thankfully as he walked out the water on top of the ice made him turn around!

That night Sandy, Steph, Jeff, and Sarah took Eric and I on our first Cross country night ski, well our first cross country ski and our first night ski:) It was an adventure, it ended with beers and a full moon, but also without a need to try that again for awhile:) I at one point had my skis off and was convinced I could walk back in the dark by myself…that didn’t happen. I guess it is easier if it not punchy ice, who would have thought?! It was super fun though, and I would love to try it again in the light of day, with better snow, and maybe waterproof pants oh and a flask!


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  1. Yikes, my shirt seems to have shifted in a most-unflattering way. Ian and I had so much fun with you guys this past weekend. We love you!

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