It is official, Cole has teeth! Did I mention that a few months back I had some terrible nightmares that Cole didn’t have teeth, as in they were not in his gums at all! I was getting worried that my dreams were true, but finally! He has been having a hard time. Very clingy, fussy, tired, fever, rashy, no sleep, grunty, and little bits of laughter thrown in to make sure we still know our Cole is in there. But last night he slept and today he seems so much better. I am thankful, thankful because he feels better and thankful because another night of no sleep might have KILLED me.

We leave for Montana on Thursday morning and I am so excited!! Eric has never been to Montana, and he is going to freak out! It is so beautiful! If he can stay awake the TEN hour drive will allow him to see so much. Seeing family will be so nice, and getting some knitting in (crossed fingers) will be great too!

Eric has two three day weeks coming up and that makes both of us smile!! He unfortunately just got a pay cut, company wide cost reduction, and along with that he had to select five days this summer to take off without pay:( 🙂 not sure if it is rad or a total bummer..but he took the 17Th off because we have a doctors appointment, we get to hear the heartbeat of little Yates number Dos!

I am sorry there are no teeth pictures, the little munchkin barely even lets me look in there, let alone gives me enough time to snap a shot! In due time I will sneak a picture in:) Patience my friends, patience


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