This was taken a few weeks ago when we went to the Oregon coast. I had just found out I was pregnant, two days earlier!, it was a great way to relax! I am thankful for little moments like this one, ones where I can just enjoy my family and my life. I am so thankful for what we have in out little lives. It is nice to realize how good life is.

I am beginning to feel a little better. The grossness has been confined to only parts of my day as opposed to my whole day, and I will take what I can get! We have a busy next few weeks ahead of us, but it should be fun!

I got my sewing machine back yesterday! I have been knitting so much and my skills are getting so much better. I want my sewing to get better too! I am hoping that with this new baby coming that I can try out some new patterns and things I have in my head and try to get better! Mom says I know what I am doing I just need to slow down, hahahaha OH OK, hahahha, but I will try. I will let you know how it goes.

Eric called, he is making dinner tonight, I am thankful to not have to cook again:) hehhehe. Enjoy your Thursday!


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  1. I miss the ocean! I’m hoping that when we’re home in June we can sneak away for a night and get up to Orcas. It’s been too long! This picture is adorable.

  2. Katy!!! I didn’t know that you have a little family! how exciting! When are you due with the next one? They’re gonna be close together!

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