He is quite the happy camper! I remember when he was first here I was so worried because he was fussy, but now! I am so thankful for his disposition.

He has started some new things….standing up in his crib and banging the “gate” to get out. Of course, this is accompanied by laughter and chatter. Too cute.

He also has started to fake cry, mostly to get what he wants, which is usually someone to play with or to help him get something. Or my least favorite, when he can’t have something, a fake cry is just as uneasy to watch as a real one!

He is now only interested in standing. He is not content unless he has pulled himself up on something or someone, and he has no fear of hurting himself. He is crazy! He seems to think he should be able to stand without support, he can’t. He also doesn’t always know how to get down from standing, which makes him VERY unhappy.

I am thankful for my cutie patootie, I am not thankful for how sick I feel! HELP!! Save me from pregnancy:( Oh well, it is only like 30 more weeks right.:)


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