Life is crazy right now. We had an appointment yesterday with Jessica (my dr in Magnolia and Cole’s pediatrician) and we decided to see her for my Prego care. She is about 45 minutes away, on a good day, but the office is great and she is so excited for us and she knows me and how good I did while being prego with Cole. She trusts that I can take care of myself and have another healthy baby, and best of all, she thinks we can do WAY better with this labor!!! Yay! I am excited!! But I feel like crap! I talked with her about it yesterday, and about how high my hormone levels must be…internet searching sucks sometimes, you find stuff you shouldn’t:)…and what my chances are of multiples!!! AHHHH, but she said, NA I bet it is just a girl! Hahaha, this made Eric and my mom very happy and made me freak out! I kinds really want another boy…but of course I would be stoked on a girl too:)

He was really tired in these pictures, it was just before his nap. But I thought that they were so cute! That look on his face is amazing! He is getting so so big! He pulls himself up on everything and his favorite thing to do is crawl all over Eric and I.

Nana, and Papa got him that shirt, can you tell what it is…A harley shirt of course! So cute, something about being born to ride:) I love that he is sitting in the rocks, so fun!

On a completely different note, this last week has been strange and exciting as well. My mom received an interesting email from my sister. Yes, you read that right, Sister!! So, my biological father had two girls before he met my mom..they were like 10 and 9 when she had me..I had never met them or my dad. I knew that they were there but I am not really one to go looking any further into that:) Well, needless to say, Kelli and I started emailing (Joey and I have emailed as well) and on Sunday we went over to her place (she lived about 10 minutes from us!!! Small world) and had a great afternoon chatting and meeting each other! So odd, yet so comfortable. So strange because look how much she looks like me:)

For now I am still trying to process all of this. It is exciting and so so interesting but it is a lot to take in!! Thanks again Kelli for emailing us!!


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  1. crazy!!!! my mom found out her dad had a son before he was married too a couple years ago.

    so, there is a possibility of multiples?

  2. Your mom told me that story today. That is awesome. Also, Cole is so cute and girls are SO fun. I hope you have one, but totally get wanting another boy because before we found out we were having a girl I totally wanted a boy and have always wanted ALL boys and now that I have my little girl I want my next one to be a girl, too. I want a boy sometime, but I LOVE having a little girl. I think we are all just happy with a baby, even if we do have a preference, it goes away immediately.
    AND, I thought about you this morning because I remembered that you had asked about the Amber teething necklace. Here are my thoughts: Most of them I found were like $60-$100 and I don’t think I would have done that, but one site was under $20 and so I figured it was worth a try. Not sure why the price difference, but everyone on a cloth diaper forum I am on got it from this site so I figured it was not crappy quality. I believe at a minimum it has the placebo effect–I think it is working so I don’t notice as much fussing. But beyond that, I do think it made some difference. We only had about a day and a half of real obvious teething fussing this time around, and it was the day the teeth broke through and I even saw blood along the gums throughout the day (ouch!) and the fussing was really minor. But, others have told me that the first two teeth were bad and the others were a non-event, so it may have been that way with or without the necklace. But, regardless, I think it is super cute on her, so I just tell people (jokingly) that I am into accessories. My advise is that if he is having a super hard time with teething, borrow mine if I am not using it (or my friend that is currently borrowing it is not using it), see if you think it makes a difference, and then get one if you think it does.
    What convinced me was that all the little European kids are running around with them and they sell them in drug stores over there and I think other countries are WAY ahead of us with that stuff, so I got one.
    Whew…done. Hope you are doing well. That ultrasound just looks like one baby, but who knows, and that would be sweet! I totally want twins.
    Okay, really done now. Take care!

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