We went in for our first ultrasound today!! It was only Cole and I, which is very different than last time! Eric went to every appointment:( This will be a very different experience. Needless to say, we went in for a date check. They just look at the size of the kiddo and the sack and all that to see just how far we are. Here is the pic of Cole for his first ultrasound and this is baby dos…

As you might notice..baby number two is so small…and that big bubble above the blob in the black hole is the yoke sack. This little baby is only 6 weeks 5 days! What!!!! I am only just a little bit prego! And we thought we were closer to 11 weeks this week! Way off. Turns out I am just pumping out a lot more hormones this go around. When we did the test for Cole, we weren’t even sure it was really positive. Those tests work with the prego hormones your body created and as you get further and further along you create more and more. So if you take the test really early sometimes it doesn’t show you are prego yet and sometimes it shows a very faint line (like we had with Cole). This time the line was DARK and QUICK! Even at the doctors office she said it turned really quickly, meaning there are a lot of good prego hormones…but I am still only a little bit along:) This is good (really really good) and it stinks! Good because it means the kids will be about a month further apart in age and even better because that means my sugars and diabetes are completely in check far earlier than they were with Cole, bad…well I have been feeling quite ill and that means that I won’t feel better for much longer than I thought! Oh well, you take the good you take the bad, right?!

Our first “housewarming” gift! From Nana and Papa! I love it, it is such a true statement!

The munchkin today, as cute as ever!!


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