So, I know that Cole is a boy, but I hadn’t really realized just what that meant till a few weeks ago. Cole still is not crawling. He is moving! He is army crawling/downward dog/ Rolley polley/ sitting/ climbing/ getting down the hall faster than I thought possible. But he is not crawling. He has to be watched like a hawk and moved every two seconds. I have been around a lot of babies, A LOT! But seriously, for a seven month old…he is crazy! He is like Skylar, his cousin, NO FEAR! He has no reaction to falling and hitting his head, bumping walls, run ins with coffee tables don’t even make him skip a beat! He is the kid who laughs the best belly laughs ever if you scare him. He likes to feel like he is falling, being dropped, and twirled around so fast. It is amazing! I seriously think he is such a boy:) Well, that leads to the picture…Nana and Papas house, his little rocking horse, and a basket of magazines. The magazines are amazing of course…all the paper to rip and eat! But there was a horse in the way…I promise I only turned around for one second…

I caught him just before he head planted into the basket. He is crazy! I love it:) Although, my “morning sickness” wishes he would just sit there and stare at the wall:)


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