Our weekend was wonderful! We went to the Oregon coast to stay with friends at a beach house in Rockaway Beach. It was blustery and overcast but it was beautiful and not too cold. Cole and Eric and I took Sid for a walk early Sunday morning on the beach and we all fell in love! I wish we lived closer to the ocean. The drive was a bit much, but we gotta work Cole up to a long car ride sometime right!

Today Cole pulled himself up on the windowsill. I walk out of the room for one second and come back and he is STANDING! It happens so fast. He still isn’t crawling like a normal kid, but he is moving around like it is normal. His favorite things to get into..the shoe bucket, the dog/cat bed, and the computer cord! Why can’t he just be stoked on the tons of toys we have laying around?!

On a completely different note…I went to the doctor yesterday…and yes we are pregnant!! I know it sounds crazy, but, with my diabetes and all we want to get the kids out of the way before I am past my prime:) Hahaha. So for now, I feel gross! But am thankful that we even got pregnant, which we were not so sure we could again. I have to watch my food and move my body a ton again…we need another healthy baby!!! We have an ultrasound next Monday to determine how far along I am, but we think it is between 9 and 11 weeks.


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  1. hey, congratulations!!! You are one crazy lady! Although, we don’t want ours much more than 2 years apart, so I get it–plus, with the diabetes you gotta do what you gotta do! That is exciting, and you are going to be very busy in about 6 months!!!

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