Cole and I have traveled before, we know how to get on an airplane and pack our bag efficiently. We know that the least amount of stuff we pack the least amount of stuff we have to carry. We know how to change a diaper on a plane, nurse discretely with people all around us, that if we wait to board last we spend less time on the plane and that if we wait to get off it is much less stressful. What we didn’t realize is that spending an extra 75$ to get a direct flight is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS worth it! I would say that I am well traveled, four continents and 10+ countries, but traveling with a kid is a different story. I booked out flight direct to Long beach. Perfect! 2 1/2 hours in the air. Cole slept for half the flight, he ate, I read and knit, wonderful! Don’t get me wrong, he was talking and trying to get the lady next to me, but he wasn’t fussy or overly active. The flight home was a different story. I booked a glorious flight that left long beach at 10am and landed in Portland at 12. Our flight to Seattle left at 3:30! Mind you the drive from our house to Portland is just under 1 1/2 hours!! Cole did so good:) He flirted with people, ate some avocado, played on the floor and was normal Cole. Me on the other hand, I was beside myself! I, in all my travel savyness, left Cole’s bottle on the last plane! That means Cole hasn’t had a bottle since 10:15 this morning!!! Our connecting flight is running late, great! We finally get on the little commuter (40 people max) Cole begins to freak out! Crap what am I going to do! They close the doors…AHHH! Then, as if the world is the most perfect place ever, my baby falls asleep! We take off, he sleeps, we fly, he sleeps, I read, he sleeps, we land, he sleeps! He wakes up as people get off the plane:) We make it home and feed him, and then, once again as if all in the world is perfect..we are home for 10 minutes…TOTAL blow out! What! He saved it for home, I love my baby:)

Now that I have bored you with my is Cole!

His first ride on the carousel!! He loved it:)

Bathing with Miles!! They had so much fun together!

Our only picture of the Willhoit adventure. We love you Sabine!! I really wish we lived closer.


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