My oh my what a week, and what a week we still have in front of us!

Last Thursday and Friday and this Monday and Tuesday I did my moms job. Let me tell ya, it ain’t easy. I watched Zach(9), Ethan(4), Thomas(3), Skylar(1), and Cole for about 8.5 hours a day. Add to that commuting from Federal Way to Bellevue (left home at 6:10am get home at 5:50pm) and I am pooped! It was so fun spending the time with the boys but with Cole and I fighting colds and such, I most likely wouldn’t do it again:) Although, it did make me pretty darn sure I should be a nanny for a family of two. Because Cole had so much fun!! And I love kids so much!!

Today we got our couch. I know, I should have returned it! In fact, I DID! I returned it on Saturday when we called and it still was not there!! But then they threw in free delivery and I said OK Fine. But then today they brought it and it looks great, but it was too much of a hassle. We still have to go back into the store because one of the cushions has a tear in it (the guy tried to blame it on Sid in Spanish-to which he was promptly correct by myself!). I am glad it is here and will be even more happy when it is complete (it is the middle back cushion that is missing for now.

We have the house together!! The living room is done (the wall of pictures needs work and the darn couch sitch but ya know). The kitchen is finally all together and our rooms are perfect! Cole still sleeps in our room in the pack and play because the special mattress cover ( who does it hurt to be extra careful, right?!) got mailed to the wrong address. But soon our lives will be normal again!

Tonight we are having some good friends over for Cous Cous, and maybe a board game. Eric is working late but hopefully not too late. Then, Friday, Eric took the day off -YAY!- we are getting married at 4:30pm!! Saturday we are dropping Cole off at Nana and Papas and then we are doing a movie and dinner and then at 6am on Sunday we leave for the airport!!! I am so excited!! What a crazy week!!

I can’t wait to marry Eric!! I should have done this a long time ago 😉 hehehehehe


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  1. Your home looks great – I love the couch! I need a chaise like that so I can stretch out and take naps… I am so thrilled for you guys tomorrow. Enjoy and have a good trip. You better call me when you have a chance and tell me all about it. Congratulations! xxoo

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