Our new place is coming along slowly but surely! We have Cole’s room done…

and our room is almost there. The downstairs is another story! We got a new couch!!! But the people who sold it to us (MOR Furniture) are evil! They totally lied to us to get us to purchase that day and told us we could get our couch on Saturday…along came Saturday and oh ya it won’t be in till next Saturday:( and they aren’t sorry at all. We would cancel the order but we really like the couch so instead I am holding my tongue and waiting. It is nice though and I am excited to get it. I am putting up the pictures today in the living room, so maybe I will show you later:)

Cole has a terrible little cough/cold/stuffy/runny nose. This situation makes for little sleep, but thankfully he is still about as cute as can be!

I am loving our new place! And honestly, I like the area a bit more each day! There is the beach about five minutes away and the trail a stones throw and the Mountain is so beautiful from here!! I think moving south wasn’t the worst idea ever:)

We (Cole and I) leave for CA in only 13 days..hehehhe. And!!!! Eric and I got Nana and Papa to sit for us on V-day so we can go out!!! It will be the first time in a long time that we have gone on a date (without Cole)…so excited!!


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  1. Cole’s room is fantastic! He is having so much fun playing in it. I’m so happy to hear that you guys are getting settled in and enjoying life in the south sound. xxoo

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