moving does not make me smile. being out of a moldy house does! we are all moved and all the boxes are put away. this does not mean we are unpacked, only that the boxes are not visible. for some reason that makes me feel better (hear no evil, see no evil).

Cole and I are making good use of our time. we are doing MOPS group on wednesdays, the library does a kids reading on thursdays, he will do swimming on monday/wednesday, and i am pretty sure we are doing a quilting class/dad time on saturday mornings. not so bad:) i figure if i am going to be a stay at home mom i might as well act like it! i am excited to start filling our days with activities, now that he is getting older and more interactive it leaves us more to do.

we finally now have a room for cole!! we got our crib all put together and his clothes are all in a dresser and his room looks like a babies room! he isn’t sleeping there though, he is in our room in a pack and play. we have a special mattress cover on order (thanks Piper) that is supposed to block all the toxins from the fire retardant they insist on putting in mattresses, so although he has a bed, he can’t use it for 10 business days (or something like this).

cole and i got tickets to CA for the middle of february!!!! i am so excited i can’t stop thinking about it! thankfully there is quite a bit going on before then to help the time fly by…i am sitting for the boys (my cousins) for four days while their nanny (mom) goes on a vacation, and then there is also super bowl, valentines day, unpacking, along with all the normal day to day stuff to keep me from counting down the days! (all 19 days to be exact)

he is getting so big! he is completely out of the 3-6 month clothes and his little legs and cheeks are quite chunky!! he is becoming quite a pro at sitting and if there was a contest for who can roll around a room the most efficiently…he would win! no crawling yet, but it will happen soon, so soon. it is amazing how much he has grown! he can hold his own bottle, and make his toys work on his own, he sits in his highchair and “chats” with me while i cook, and he plays with the cat like crazy. i am so thankful for the quiet times, times when i hold him and he wraps his little hands around me and holds on, and when he sleeps on me or next to me and sucks his tongue. i love when my long little baby boy nurses and presses on my thighs with his legs and squeezes in so close for cuddles!! i love watching him grow but wish i could keep these times forever!!


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  1. Hi, Katy! Now that you’re in the south end like us, we should try to get together sometimes. 🙂 It’s great to her that it sounds like you’re all doing well.


  2. Wait – did you say California? I think you meant to say Idaho. I’m jealous that you’ll get to spend some time in the sun. I’ll be in Austin at the end of Feb but will be in meetings all day and not outside enjoying 70-degree weather. Glad to hear the move went well. Good luck with the rest of your unpacking. Oh, and send us a picture of Cole’s new room! xxoo

  3. You moved! And an official SAHM (you like that?), good for you! Can’t wait to meet Cole, and see you again, so soon.

  4. It was awesome to talk to you briefly today. I miss you! Good to hear things are going well and that you are getting lots of o2!

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