HI!! We are alive 🙂

It has been so tough these last few weeks to get on the computer, especially because there are all these pictures that I want to put up and don’t have wireless to do so at my moms. OH yeah..we are staying on Mom and Toms living room floor. So much going on, lets get started…

Our home is infested, infested with MOLD!! Ew gross! So we have not been there much since Christmas, it has been hard but good things are happening..we found a new place! We are moving! It is far, hahaha, well it is 40 minutes out of Seattle in Federal Way. Eric’s commute is going to be just about 20 minutes (way better than just over an hour) and we have double the room! A washer and dryer, fireplace, deck, ya we are living the dream pretty much 🙂 But the best part of all… it is clean and it is not someones floor:)

Cole started to eat real food! Such a big boy:) He now can sit on his own and is scooting all over. He isn’t crawling, only backwards, but that should be coming soon:) He is about as cute as can be, and he is getting so big! He got weighed yesterday…18.5lbs and 26inches long! HOLY HANNA! He is now 75% in height and weight!

I still don’t have a job but am thinking, with Eric not commuting as long, when we get settled I will look for a serving job. We will see how that goes. Let me know if I forgot anything 🙂


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