I have been doing this blog for almost a year and I still can’t seem to figure out how to get the pictures where I want them..oh well. So I will recap what I think is in here 🙂

It has been a busy holiday season for our little family, more so than we had planned. In fact, our goal was to keep it low key and un-stressful! Mother nature had different plans. Our little car, our cold little house, Eric’s far away work, and a lot of snow left us to find somewhere else to live for just about NINE days!! Thankfully family is close:) We spent two nights at GnT’s (along with Mom and Tom one night) and the rest of the time with Nana and Papa! Finally, on Saturday the 27th we slept in our own bed. One would think that all that time with a baby in someone elses house would be insane…but it worked out really well, thankfully.

This one of Cole and Eric was taken one night at GnT’s, it tiring staying inside all day 🙂

Christmas was so fun! Cole got way too many gifts!! He was far more interactive than I had expected him to be!! He loved the wrapping paper which made him all excited to rip it and eat it and look all excited as gifts were opened!

One of Cole looking so excited about a new present and one of Sid looking at his new bed and Cole being excited.

Oh and that whole “mother nature” bit, well this is what our Christmas morning looked like

Oh and aunt Micayla was here too!!

It was an amazing time, we all enjoyed ourselves and I am glad it is over:) I did get to spend some amazing time with Cole, just the two of us early Christmas morning, the rest of the family was asleep and I fed him by the tree, watching the snow fall and knitting a new red hat! That is what I love about the holidays, the little jems of peace and quiet!

Hope you all enjoyed!!


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