So, we went and tried to have our picture done again tonight. It went better than last time, not sure if I will go back again though. It is easy, and it was cheap, so maybe if we HAVE to we will. Overall, it went really well tonight though. Cole was happy as a clam, and Eric and I were thankful it wasn’t like last time. Hahhaha, the same girl even took his picture today (although she thankfully didn’t remember our first encounter). If I had to complain about something else, it would be that she didn’t take enough pictures. We really didn’t have enough to choose from and if we had more choices we would have got a few more. We got this one of the three of us…and these of Cole and Santa. UM…HELLO!! Adorable 😉 Enjoy!


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  1. Oh my goodness – the one of Cole standing is my favorite. He is so happy – I bawled in my first Santa photo! No, take that back. Bawled in my second Santa photo. Stared at Santa and looked scared as can be in my first photo. Love it.

  2. Those are so adorable! And you even lucked out with a good Santa. We had a cheesy one with an overly curly nylon beard.

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