So, I was so excited yesterday, we were getting Cole’s picture taken with Santa!! Hello first christmas 😉 Well…we made an apt on Monday to go on Wednesday to the Picture People to have them taken, I called an hour before to confirm our apt, all was good. Then we fed, changed, and piled into the car to go to Alderwood. We got there put Cole in his clothes and checked in!! Cole was in an amazingly wonderful mood, I was so stoked. Santa wasn’t there! In fact, he was never going to be there that day, the girl who made my apt and confirmed it earlier that day-was a total ditz and didn’t look at the books right. So Eric rescheduled our appointment for Monday. I was pissed, so I called customer service and the guy on the phone was so surprised by the situation he called the manager while I waited on hold. I got a sorry and a 50% off cupon, but ya know, if Cole is fussy next Monday night, I will not be happy.

Then we walked thru the mall to get hot coco. We ran into an old friend of Grandma’s. She met Cole and he was so excited to see her, all smiles and flirting with her. I was amazed by how much the situation really made me sad about Grandma not being here. She should have been the one smiling at my baby, he should have had the chance to know her. I am thankful for the memories that I have of Grandma and seeing Susan with Cole made me so sad that he would not have any memories of my Grandma. It was tough! Overall, I am sad she is gone, so so sad, and so so so thankful for my memories and all the amazing time I got to spend with her. So many people don’t get to have relationships like that with their grandparents. Now I just have to make sure Cole is as lucky as I am and gets to be close with his grandparents!!!

I will put up some pictures next Monday when Cole FINALLY meets Santa 🙂


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  1. Not to get all weird on you, but Mooey definitely visits me often. My co-worker – who is totally into all the eastern medicine, holistic, chi/zen, essential oils, karma, numbers, etc. – is convinced that Grandma helps me through difficult situations and says she can feel her around our sad little office. I believe her. I miss Mooey too. Lots. Love you!

    Oh, and that stinks about the ditz at the picture place!

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