Ta Da!! Here is our little house:) Eric went to town with the lights and it makes me smile so much!! I love it!!!!

We had a kinda poopy day that turned out wonderful! We went to meet mom and Tom to go cut down a tree in the forest…you can get a special permit for FIVE bucks and then cut down any tree you want in the forest..hellloooo COOL! But they aren’t open on Sundays, and we don’t have enough dough to buy a 40dollar tree so we drove around all morning looking for a charlie brown tree to no avail. Then Eric and I went home and put up lights and I got sad that we didn’t have a tree ( hold on I am almost to the good part) so we heard that at Ikea you can get a tree for 20bucks and then when you bring it back to recycle it after the holiday they give you a 10dollar gift certificate, great!, so we drove all the way there…NO MORE TREES!! Yeah, I know right! So then I got all sad again so we went to Home depot…their smallest tree was like five feet-way too big. So then we went to the guy up the street and got Sammy the little tree:) He is so cute and fat and only like 4 ft tall!! We are decorating him tomorrow so I will put up pictures then!!! Enjoy 🙂


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