So, we are poor as you all know 🙂 With me not working and all we are learning what it is really like to live on a budget!! It is not that bad actually, it is so interesting to learn the difference between want and need, and to learn it at this stage in our lives is an adventure to say the least! I am still looking, passively, for a job. Mostly looking for a family to nanny for. We don’t want to put Cole into childcare so my options are limited, but there will be something, sometime soon I hope!

I am a lover of Christmas decorations!! I love the lights and the smells and the songs and the cookies and the fake snow and the scarves…oh the list goes on and on. I am so ready to deck our house out! But we still don’t have a tree, we might go tomorrow with mom and Tom to cut one down in the forest!!!!!! But I couldn’t wait, so I decorated our little ficus! And it is so cute:) I used a bunch of little wooden ornaments I picked up somewhere over the years and they fit perfect on our little wish tree. I will update you when the REAL tree is ready!!!


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