The holidays are here!! We got out our Christmas boxes and put out a few little gems:) Our stockings are hung(all but one…hmmm) and I am almost done making an advent calender!

We had an amazing weekend! It was so nice having Eric home for four days, we took advantage of all the family time. Thursday we hung out with the family, ate a ton of food, drake some yummy stuff, played rock band and stayed out way too late! Cole was quite the belle of the ball, in male form of course, for being out so long he was a jem!! Sarah and Ian were in town and we spent as much time with them as possible..Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday were spent catching up and hanging out. We miss them so much and were so thankful to get to see them.

On Friday Eric Cole and I went to the tree lighting downtown. It was kinda lame, well really lame, but fun at the same time. It is amazing how many Crazies there are in Seattle, and they LOVE events like the tree lighting. Eric thinks it is amazing how ridiculous people are, and I just want to stay away from them!


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