Having a baby keeps me busy, in fact even when I am not technically “busy” I am still busy! It is fascinating how much time it takes to get two people ready to get out of the house.

I find myself using Cole as an excuse to have conversations with myself out loud. All that chatter that used to be contained inside my head is now out there for other people to hear…at the grocery store, getting coffee, doing dishes…you name it, I am talking!

Saturday Cole and I went to Portland. We were going to see the boys play at the Roseland and then take Jenna and Miles home with us for a few days. Cole did amazing on the drive down, 2 1/2 hours and he slept the whole way! When we got there we met up with the T’s and got some food, then we sat around and chatted, saw the boys and Cole got to meet friends! Jenna and I decided we didn’t want to stay and watch them play, so we left! She drove us and we made the crazy drive back! Kids screaming and all 😉 It was great to have the time to chat and catch up a bit.

I took her to the airport yesterday, I miss her already! Eric is gone as well 😦 He gets back tomorrow at 10pm! Only one more day!! He is in Texas for a work training, which he is really enjoying by the way. He left on Monday which was nice because Jenna and Miles were here to keep me company. Miles makes me want more babies… he is just so darn cute!

Unfortunately, I took nearly zero pictures! I did snap a few of the kiddo and I took quite a few on my real camera but have to wait to finish the roll before getting those ones developed. So for now these pictures are of Miles and Sid and Miles on Tom’s bike (big hit by the way).

I am starting a quilt, my first one!! I got a sweet deal on some Amy Butler fabric and cant wait to make it into something beautiful! And I have decided to do a picture a day of Cole and Walter. I will start posting those on fliker tomorrow! I thought it would be fun to watch him grow a bit:) (don’t worry I know I am obsessed)

my computer is being lame, I will try and put the pictures up tomorrow, sorry


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  1. I love that you’re making a quilt. I’ve always wanted to make one. We are so excited to see everyone next week. Miss you!

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