So!!!! How much do you love Halloween:) Well, Cole was a pumpkin and a pea pod and a Mommy’s little monster all in one day! That is how much we LOVE Halloween:) I thought these little pictures really captured our last week. It is officially fall here is the northwest. The leaves are shedding their yellow and orange for winter twigs and our scarves and hats have come out of the boxes. Cole is becoming quite the happy camper, smiling and talking all the time. It is great that he isn’t quite as fussy as he was, in fact he is becoming quite the flirt when we go out. He is revolting against the floor, trying to sit at all times(with assistance), and pretty much being adorable 24/7.

I am looking for a job, not sure what job, but am looking. I love not having one! I am hoping that something comes along that really works well for our stay at home situation. I have applied for a few and have a few ideas that hopefully I can get working on early next week!

I have plans to bake bread tomorrow…lots of it! And I am going to start knitting some socks as well! Wish me luck!!! Domestic goddess here I come! 🙂


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