Ok, honestly, isn’t he just about the cutest thing ever!!

I have not been doing much writing the last few weeks, I have been busy or at least trying to keep myself busy. Cole seems to want all of my attention!! I am slowly learning how much my excitement and joy and selfishness effects this little bundle of life!! I never want to hear him cry…unless we are in the car (I had to listen to him scream for 54minutes yesterday as my boss drove us to Edmonds!) But because of this, my very loved little boy, he has not gotten enough tummy time. Jenna and I were talking about this one day…I was worried that he wouldn’t develop “on-time” because of my trying to keep him happy. Jenna commented that people don’t just put their babies down in the dirt to have tummy time, they wear their babies! The babies are always strapped to their moms. And she is right, in other places babies are treated so very differently than they are here in america. So many things to think about, so many things to take into consideration, so many views and opinions! All i want is the best for Cole…anybody know what is best?!

Oh and we bought a car. Hahhahahahaha, I still kinda feel like I might vomit! I think that Eric needs a car for work, his commute has been SOOOO long, but really part of me really likes being carless! I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this will make life a bit easier, but I don’t really mind not being so mobile!! Oh and I didn’t even tell you what we got-hahahhahahahhahahaha-OF course we got a gangsa ride! What better for this little white girl and her family than a chevy Impala! Look out! Hahhahahahhaha, Bob dropped off Cole and I yesterday and as we drove up to the car he and I joked about it…rims, super tinted window, and all the wiring for a sub woofer. Hahhahahahhahaha Seriously. What?!


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